When Were Your Corpus Christi Home’s Gutters Last Cleaned?

Can you remember the last time you had your Corpus Christi home’s gutters cleaned to ensure proper working order? Over time any properly installed gutter system can still accumulate a variety of debris ranging from leaves and sticks, to dirt blown into the gutters or washed in from your roof. In any case, it is recommended that your home’s gutters are cleaned at least twice annually and in turn inspected while doing so.

The Cleaning Process

A thorough gutter cleaning will always need to include a complete flushing out of dirt and debris from the gutter system, and also a rinsing of the surrounding roof area to ensure such debris doesn’t just go right back in come the next rain. Weather and general exposure are sure to dirty and discolor your gutters over time, so it’s also a good idea when flushing the insides to clean the outside surfaces as well, getting them looking like new and improving your home’s curbside appeal.

Items Needed For Cleaning

When cleaning your gutters there are a few essentials you want to have to make sure the job is done completely and safely. If you are unable to acquire all of these items, or you feel unsafe working in this manner, it is highly recommended to hire a professional gutter company such as Coastal Bend Gutters to complete the work.

Extension Ladder Or Scaffolding – By all means you want to have the proper elevated platform to work from that reaches all of the areas needed for cleaning without having to reach out in an unsafe manner. Stepladders generally don’t provide the reach with stability required to access all the areas of your gutters that will need cleaning and they require an even base to sit on which can sometimes be difficult to find around a home’s landscape. For extensive cleaning where a gutter system runs at all heights and angles a more complex structure such as scaffolding may be necessary.

Water Hose, Vacuum Or Blower – At a minimum you will need one or all of these items to remove any debris or dirt from inside your gutter and the surrounding surfaces. A power wash option is the recommended process as it will be able to drive all dirt and debris thoroughly through and out of the gutter system. In addition, for hard to reach places you want to make sure you have all the proper extensions for these items so you don’t find yourself reaching out from your elevated platform in an unsafe manner. Additional considerations for safety should also include protective equipment such as goggles and gloves, face masks, and proper clothing to allow protection without restricting movement or causing a distraction.

Bags, Buckets Or Bins – Lastly you will need items to collect and dispose any leaves, sticks and additional debris that accumulate after the cleaning process. Removing and properly disposing of such items from the area will ensure they don’t make their way back into your gutters or surrounding property.

At Coastal Bend Gutters we can assist in any planning of the cleaning process or offer our professional cleaning services that are guaranteed to have your gutter system operating at optimal capacity and looking like new. 

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